Usage and bill not matching

Tried using the online chat for answers to my questions and didnt get much clarity with customer service.

My usage price is very different from the bills I have been receiving for the past 2 months.
My usage says £36 but they charged me over £100 last month and £70 this month.
Do not understand this at all, the figures dont match or make sense on my bill and I was told just to ‘ask an electrician’ to look at my meter if I think it’s wrong.

I was away for 2 weeks and my bill is higher than when I’m not away.

What is your “usage price”? Do you mean the amount you pay monthly by direct debit? It’s normal for this to not match any particular bill, since it’s intended to be the average of your 12 month usage.

Are your bills estimated? If you’ve been away and not been able to submit a meter reading, then your bill will be a guess and of course it’s impossible for your energy supplier to know unless you less them via a meter reading.

I have a usage price and monthly pay price. So I pay £35 a month and Bulb have put my usage per month to be £36. But charged me £70.

I was away for 2 weeks (which was in between my monthly bill period so does not affect my bill dates or meter readings) and all meter readings have been given so there is no estimation because I have been submitting readings.

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Sounds like everything is working as expected and you’re simply misunderstanding how things work. As I said the “usage per month” at £36 is your average for the year. It wont match any one bill, because your bills will be high in the winter (due to heating) and low in the summer. The point of the average is to even it all out rather than you having bills that fluctuate with the weather. You’ll almost certainly never get a bill for £36.

To learn more about how energy suppliers work, see:


On a happier front the wholesale price of gas fell again this morning, think bulb’s “very soon” has just become a critical immediate action needed

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@skippy64, I’m afraid you might be wrong about the “very soon”.

I imagine each morning they have a meeting:

1, How many customers have we lost? (Not many).
2. How much extra are we making by delaying? (Lots).
3. What about our price promise? (Let’s ignore that for the moment).

Then as spring is nearly on us, Blog will appear with happy people on laptops, pointing at a graph, announcing a drop in summer gas prices!

A bit tongue in cheek, but there is a bit of truth in this post? (PS: I love the Sept 2018 blog. Lot’s of happy faces announcing a price rise!).

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The advice was very helpful but I dont appreciate the rudeness on this post. Referring to ‘dead horse’ thank you

You have a couple of valid points with circa 1.3m customers they could afford to lose 300k
But a combination of high gas prices and P/POOR C/S could force their hand to some extent
I looked at switching myself but because I’m such a low user what i would save on gas i would lose on leccy unless i went to a fixed price deal or separate suppliers both of which i am reluctant to do. I would have to make substantial savings to compensate for the loss of WHD. But we shall wait and see what transpires

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Outfox the Market are charging me 9.5p a day standing charge for electricity and are a tiny bit cheaper per unit. so I’m saving circa £40 a year just on the standing charge.

Will take a look, thanks. May take a look at the one HQed in Newcastle