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I signed up for a saving on my bills, since changing to bulb I have installed a top of the range energy efficient boiler, why is my cost so high, I doubt the original estimate was entirely accurate, am I still under contract to pay to change my supplier?

There is no fixed term or contract with Bulb,and you can leave with no exit fee.

How do I submit electricity readings for daytime and night time low cost meters?


From my own approach as a fairly new customer I make sure my usage and therefore my costs are correct by submitting meter readings (purely my own preference but I submit monthly readings). Each time I get a bill I check the start and end readings on the bill line up with my submissions.

It could be that Bulb do not have appropriate meter reading from you in which case they have to make an estimate of usage and hence resultant costs.

A good idea would be for you to check the meter reading shown on your latest bill against the actual reading on your meter, if there is quite a difference submit a new reading pronto.

Hi @jveryard_123

The energy efficient boiler may need some time for you to find the best settings to start to save money. Having taken a look at your electricity annual usage figures, the estimate has increased from your switch date by 50%, so this suggests an increase in usage since you switched.

The gas annual estimate has remained relatively unchanged.

I can see a change to your payments, which will bring your account back to credit. Keep sending reads so you can keep an eye on your usage over time.

@Walker As you’ve dropped your query into an entirely unrelated thread, it would probably get more attention if you start a new one.