Usage annual summary

I want to know how much electricty and gas I used in 2019, and how much that cost. Same for 2018 would be useful too. I cannot work out how to find that on the website. What am I missing?

Bulb send out an email each year with details of your annual energy usage.

The email has a subject line: Your Bulb Annual Statement

You can also glean information from your monthly statemnet.

I take weekly readings so all I have to do is, as I have a smart meter, take the reading from December to December then multiply by the number of KWH used, if using the price without VAT remember to add 5%, then add the standing charge of 20.44p per day including VAT

It’s a bit more complicated for gas you multiply by 1.02264 then by upto 40.2, sometimes it’s 39.6 or 40 but use the highest figure as that will make sure you are not under the fuel used. Then divide by 3.6 and it will give you the KWH used, round up if not exact. You them multiply by 3.5p inc VAT to give the price of the KWH used then add 20.44*365 to give you near enough your energy used for the year.

Me too. Just come on wanting to know my account. I’ve been very busy, but now I’m wondering why I have received no statements this last year.

Have I received my £ 140.00 from the government. No notification. I would like to see proof.

Thank you.

BTW. I receive no monthly statement. I would prefer to access my continuing account online. Where do I go?

Your WHD is not paid by the Govt. it is paid by your energy suppler. If you are core group it is paid automatically,if you are broader group it will be paid if you meet the qualifying criteria set by bulb, in any case they are being sent out now
try this link and they will help you set up an online account

How long have you been with Bulb?

Think he is needing an account reset

My comment was in response to nicksimon not receiving an annual statement as opposed to not receiving monthly statements.

Just says he’s not received any statements this last year doesn’t mention annual statement

Me thinks he implied it. The discussion prior to nicksmon post was about annual statements and how to get them. The very first thing said in his post was “Me too.” what else could he be referring to?

Think we should shake hands and just call it a draw hardly worth starting WW3 over