Usage bar chart

we have a smart meter from a previous supplier so it doesn’t work with Bulb. It would be good to be able to print the usage bar chart to keep an eye on when we use most electricity. Does anyone know how to do that?
I don’t know where Bulb get the figures from if the Smart meter doesn’t work?
thanks Nick

You’ll have to manually read the meter itself, like you always used to do with traditional meters. The data will be only as detailed as the frequency with which you make the meter readings.

In terms of data visualisation, the simplest way will be to take those manual meter readings and keep them logged in your own spreadsheet. That way it also continues to work when you switch suppliers.

I use an Android app called ECAS. Pop your readings in that and your unit rates and it will graph or table your usage and compare with previous year… or use a spreadsheet.