Usage chart in kWh

So, six months after I mentioned this previously and someone said they’d pass the request on to whoever’s job it is to ignore such things, there’s still no sign of kWh appearing on the usage charts.

As they stand, giving £, they’re completely and utterly useless for comparing year-on-year figures (to see, for instance, if new insulation is making a difference) unless the prices haven’t changed a single penny in that time.

This is NOT a difficult software change to implement - the £ figures are calculated FROM the kWh figures, so the software already has the information. Why is it being pushed further and further down the line? The only reason I can see - other than laziness - is that Bulb might not WANT people to be able to accurately compare figures…

Come on, Bulb - how can people see clearly if being “green” at home with their gas and electricity is paying off?

Please sort it out, Bulb.



I agree with you
KWh is so much more indicative and having a switch to show that or £ is simple enough and covers all demands.
I also have the same feeling that Bulb does this on purpose and is no longer as transparent as they once pitched they were. I already called them out in their weird way of calculating the chart values, which make them even less useful.


Hey @marksnet

Thanks for posting about the idea of having energy use charts also showing kWh. We have actually passed on this idea to our developers to look into as a couple of members have said this could be helpful! As with anything, developments do take some time, but we have let them know about this idea :relaxed:

You can ask us what your annual consumption figures are if you would like to compare year to year, we’d be happy to send that over to you

– H :bulb:

Why not do your own spreadsheet, all I do with mine is type in my monthly reading and it calculates the cost + the kWh usage for each month. It also means I have a record going back 5 years now of my usage.

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Because then there wouldn’t be a reason for Bulb to brag about their award-winning 5star app and website.
If you start removing stuff which you can do better yourself, then what extra services does Bulb supply apart from buying and selling the energy, i.e. being the middleman?


Hi :wave:

We completely understand that and really appreciate the feedback. If you do have any other thoughts, do let us know so we can pass it on.


Bulb’s response on this topic in June 2019. :thinking:

Yes, the kWh has been added to the designs as this was something our members are keen to have. We wrote about our plans on a previous thread . Let us know if you have any thoughts on it!

You can ask us what your annual consumption figures are if you would like to compare year to year, we’d be happy to send that over to you

Why not just make it available to all customers through their account? I wanted to see my consumption over the last 6 months to a year. Other providers such as NPower have this for decades.

It would take 30 minutes to write the scripting and a very small amount of server power once the initial run is over.

Please add this feature to bulb.


June 2021

Bulb response-post to my suggestion of graphing usage by kWh as well as making the by £ version at least accord with actual bills charged:

Graphing in kWh is a great suggestion and one I will pass on to the team.

It’s in General Chat, ‘Reasons for Leaving’.

Evidently there is an impassable, armour-plated ceiling between what customer service staff type and any senior management action or delivery on the issue, that has been in place for at least 2 years now.

I think it’s both shameful and disgraceful that the frontline, junior staff ‘on the team’ are obliged to provide cover for Bulb’s executives in this way. If there was a scrap of decency at that level then by now the responses to ‘members of the community’ raising the issue would be something like…

That’s an idea that the board have rejected, and Bulb has no plans to implement it.


Register your meter in Bright app (it’s on App Store and play store), you will be able to check kWh graphs in addition to £ usage

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And if we don’t have smart meters…? Or does the app still give us access to our data?

If Everyone is turning down/off their boilers insulating and wearing 3 jumpers all our usage will be lower (hopefully) than last year anyway

So how can you project that onto your calculations?

Ofgem advise, If your in credit on your account you can ask your supplier to refund you at any time. Suppliers must do so promptly unless they have reasonable grounds not to.

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