Usage chart using April 1 tariff rates

I’ve noticed the usage chart is incorrectly showing costs based on 1 April rates for previous months.

It wouldnt surprise me, Bulb to to scamming us all one way or another!

Mine is the same, showing cost for previous month’s (Feb & March) based on April 1st tariff, obviously a lot higher than what is was billed at the time.

I think it’s erroneous to show usage in £’s, it should be shown in Kwh to get a proper understanding of whether you’re using more or less energy over time.

Agree, it’s meaningless.

Hi @stevep , @whitbread , @Joanne2711 @prob91 :wave:

Thanks for flagging this issue and I apologise for the delay in our response here.

Our Bulb app is still in beta mode so there may be some technical errors here and there but I have flagged this to the relevant team to get this worked on and to make sure errors like this do not occur again in the future. I appreciate it’s quite frustrating.

If you have any other recommendations with the app or issues you’ve encountered please let me know below, we always welcome feedback on these things. Cheers :+1:

Luke :bulb: