Usage charts in app

My electricity usage has disappeared from the app in the last two days. If I click the payment tab to check the amount I’m in credit, monthly usage for the year and suggested payments it now says I need to submit a meter reading so Bulb can accurately bill me. I have smart meters and all my bills are there showing my usage. Can Bulb advise why my electricity usage has now disappeared so I can’t see my daily or monthly cost. I emailed Bulb yesterday but their reply was totally unhelpful and only referenced me wanting to make a payment which I’m not! I just want my usage charts back!

Save yourself some stress and don’t bother trying to get an acceptable response from Bulb. I’ve been trying to get a working in home display for a year. My gas readings have either been estimates or sent in by me for over a year. The electric usage chart on the app bears no resemblance to my actual usage. There is no usage chart for my gas. According to the app “not enough data available of my use yet”. I’ve been with Bulb for about 5 years. I now send a reading for both every week. I’ve cancelled my direct debit and make a “top up” payment regularly.

I know what you’re saying. I’ve had several issues with their communication (or lack of it) in the last couple of years! Even when it got to complaints the response was poor! :rage: