Usage Data missing from bulb app since 18th March

Hi, I monitor use on a daily basis and have noticed no usage data has been showing on my app since the 18th March. I have removed the app and reloaded it, but there is no change. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks all. :smiley:


I’m getting the same issue since 18th March.


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I have had a similar issue, I was also overcharged in February by around £60 as all of my overnight rates where charged at full rate. I also noticed that my daily cost on the day usage chart is different to the weekly and monthly charts. Does anyone else notice this?

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I have had same issue. I like to check my usage daily. I emailed them and was told they are updating my smart meter but that was beginning of month and still cannot get readings on app.

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Sent another email to Bulb and had a reply back just now saying they have a problem with the app which the engineers are working on and will update once the issue has been resolved.


Let us all know if you get an update.


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Same issue here, usage data dropped out at midnight on the 18th. I messaged them yesterday but no response. I do hope they sort it as our “estimated” monthly usage is £171.51 vs. our actual of about £1.80 a day over the last few days (about £50/month over summer even allowing for the farriff increase once the heating’s off…).

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Minetoo, went off on the 18th. However, i also use loop for usage monitoring. Thats working absolutely fine.

Same here, but I haven’t had electricity usage shown for around 3 months now. I’ve reported it several times. I used to think the app was great at first, but it’s becoming less & less useful.

Try using the Loop Energy app. Shows hourly, daily, weekly and monthly usage. Ignore their comments about phantom loads because they dont take into account the user might have an ashp system

Just looked at the Loop Energy app on
The Apple App Store and it don’t have a great rating.
Hope Bulb get there app sorted and someone can update us all about what’s happened.


I’ll go back to using my owl I think, a shame as I was enjoying the app.

Reviews not too bad on Google Play. No matter, it clearly does what Bulb are unable to.

Same issue. Stopped updating on tbe 18th for daily. No Smart readings but showing weekly day cost…

Exactly the same here…no usage details on App…but displaying on meter :slightly_frowning_face:

Same here. I thought it was because I’d had to move the smart meter device due to building work! Fingers crossed it’s up and working again soon.

I’d just changed to EV tariff and thought it was related - but sounds like an issue with data on their app for everyone ( 18th last day for me)

Someone from Bulb should be coming on here and telling us what’s going on with the Bulb app.


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My Bulb app no longer shows my daily useage. Shows week, month and yearly. Any ideas???

i have been with bulb for over a year now and i find the daily energy usage very useful
this however completely natoooed working 3 days ago

so 2 questions
when this start working again
are you still receiving my smart meter readings ?