Usage Data - why no gas?

I recently had an issue with the in home display which now seems to be corrected but, on both the web page and the app, gas usage no longer shows, only electricity. So the smart usage graph is 50% dumb. Any ideas?

Hi @Mb3601

Good to see you around again, it’s been a while :wave:

I’ve taken a look into your account and it looks like the in-home display (IHD) has lost connection to the meters. The good news is there’s a simple fix for that here, just be sure to follow the steps exactly:

It may also take a few cracks at the fix for it to take effect, but that should get the gas showing again :fire: :robot:

Hi that’s the issue, the in home display is showing the gas and electricity. See attached. It’s when I look at the app or web that it doesn’t showimage image

So the IHD does seem to be talking to both meters… but the gas meter isn’t talking to you

Hi @Mb3601,

Please can you make sure your app is updated and running the latest software? This can sometimes cause usage data to not show correctly.

App details as below, there does not seem to be a later version on the App Store. Doubt it is the app as gas does not show if I log in via web either

Hi since replying yesterday, overnight, everything now seems to have started working again. Thanks

Hi @Mb3601

As if by magic :mage:

Glad to hear that’s all up and running for you.

Was this a system issue? I’ve seen a few posts about missing gas usage recently - mine was also missing since my last statement (17th), and has just appeared again today.
It was there shortly after the statement, but disappeared about a week later.

Hi @ryan4257

Excellent question, I don’t believe there was any system wide issues with this on our end. Unfortunately being relatively new technology these blips can happen for a few reasons, but they most often resolve themselves as you say.

I’ve taken a quick look at your account, and it looks like the usage graphs are displaying correctly now :bar_chart: :bulb:

Someone, somewhere, switched it off and back on again. :+1:
It’s how all things are fixed.