Usage, DD amount, not happy

I am concerned with The DD amount you now take compared with my usage.

I have only been with Bulb for 3 months, and do not understand how you have calculated my “Projected electricity usage”. Even the “Energy usage” columns are too high. (in my online account “usage” page)
The calculations are not based on my actual usage with Bulb, and not based on my previous 2 years usage with my previous supplier, they are too high.
Those high projections led you to decide to increase my DD by 60% which is making me wonder if moving to Bulb was a good idea.

Please recheck my usage and bring my DD back into a more correct amount.


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Bulb are doing the same thing to ALL their customers.
My DD has been put up to almost £110.00, even though my monthly usage is less than £60.00.
I am also unable to reduce/change my DD from my bank account either.


Seeing some of these stories as time goes on, I dread to think just how high they would have tried to take mine with each passing month. As it is they got up to £85 when I decided enough was enough. I used no more than £60 each month with them. Even in winter.


Thank you Volvo and tinap for the replies.

I do now see that what Bulb have done is intentional, and not a mistake. I suppose a switch is my only recourse. I will start a search.

Take care.
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Hi, This is my first posting and it would seem that my concern over the changes to D.D’s by Bulb are somewhat causing concern with other members.
Since joining Bulb a year ago my DD has been £80 pm… The agreement at the time was that I would add to my balance as and when was convenient to me and if by any chance the balance in my Bulb Account was insufficient to meet a bill I would correct the shortfall immediately. I was told this was no problem and quite acceptable.
I have had notification that my DD is going up from £80 pm. to £162.27 pm. as from 1st Nov 2020. !! No warning , and as someone else has mentioned, you cannot change it back to the £80 . Now it so happens that as of this moment in time my balance on my Bulb Account stands at £392.63 credit , and as of November 1st it will stand at £554.90 !!! a sum that is more than ample without putting any more into the ‘pot’ to pay the next 3 bills with change ! .
I did manage a phone call today with someone named ‘Greg’ who told me that they could only reduce the amount by 10% and then, not even, until 1st Dec. .
I asked well what about the original agreement that my payment would stay at £80 and also why was the credit balance on the account taken into calculations . Answer was non productive and that was what it had to be. BUT (yes there is a BUT) I could if I wanted fill a form in with something called “Tully” which is a third party financial organisation who if you register with them and explain the reasons will look into your finances and advise Bulb accordingly that my private reasons for running my Bulb account as I do is ok. This ‘stinks’ of invasion of privacy and is disgusting. Any comments are invited as is any help or advice as to who to get in touch with would be very welcome .
My personal feelings are that ‘The Bulb’ is rotting in the soil !!!


Hi JR,

Put in an up to date meter reading. Contact bulb and request that they refund the credit (you would need to leave in enough to cover the next bill). If they refuse, put in an official complaint.

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The best advice I can give is get in touch with uswitch(other comparison sites are available) re a switch. Also a lot of green energy suppliers out there who are cheaper!


Second best advice - do a very negative review on Trustpilot - they rely heavily on this for their marketing to new customers. Hurt them where it really hurts.

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Hi @Stem

Welcome to the community :wave:

We have recently done a payment review to make sure members accounts are in a good place for this time of year. We calculate this from what we think you will use over the winter period and also the price increase that we have had recently.

If your usage is lower, as long as you submit meter reads, this can be decreased.

We do take our payments in advance, so your account should always be in credit.

You can see more about this here:

We cannot discuss your payments on this forum as it is public, but I will send you a private message.


I look forward to hearing from you Mel at the very earliest convenience . It would be even better if you ring me a.s.a.p. Jim R

You need to change supplier, my son did as they wanted to increase his monthly payments from £41 to £76. He has since changed over to Octopus Energy

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You need to change supplier, there robbing people, Im having the same problem trying to get the credit back on my account.

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Same here guys.

Although usage is decreasing as solar panels are now installed they have increased my DD by 40%, without notice. I guess they want everyone in credit before they go bust and as consumers and therefore unsecured creditors there would be no pay out. I’m outta here.

Octopus seem the new guys on the block so they can have my business until they look like they are trying it on as well.

Good luck all,

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Hi @South_fork_78, I’ve sent you an email now!

This is the reason why I have changed my supplier. Account always in credit and even though they “proposed” DD amount much higher that you would expect. But please be aware. Before final bill they will take next payment in advance from you bank account - after the switch, unlucky for me it was that new “proposed” high amount. Their customer advisor gave me the option to cancel it with my bank. I thought - that’s great, easy and fast. No - you can’t cancel it with your bank (in my case bank has refused as this is not in line with T&C of DD agreement). So bulb gave me misleading information over the phone. And now you can’t contact bulb again - except their working hours between 9am and 5pm (just when you are at work), you can’t reach them by chat - chat unavailable. No responses from facebook messenger. They have my credit plus new payment and still no final invoice.

Well I never !
Bulb seem to have take over my Bank account.

Bulb increased my DD from £68.00 to 109.48 without even asking me first.
I use £60 energy per month.
I then got onto my Bulb account & decreased my DD down to the minimum the system allowed me which was £98.55.
I then received a email confirmation from Bulb on 30.10.2020 to say that my DD have been set to £98.55.

I have just checked my bank account and Bulb have taken £ 109.48. Well done Bulb.
So looks like Bulb are now in charge of my bank account.

Last year I had more income than this year, last years I was entitled to the warm home discount but even though this year I have less money coming in I am now NOT entitled to the warn home discount.

So I have decided to go somewhere else…
…and by the way with the new supplier, I am entitled to the warn home discount!

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Hi Volvo,

Contact your bank and ask for a “Direct debit indemnity” against the payment.
If asked by the bank, simply tell them they took an amount that was not agreed to. The payment will be returned to your bank account, probably the next working day.

Best Regards,


Hi gosha,

I know no reason the bank can stop you from cancelling the DD.
The “direct debit guarantee” states you can cancel a direct debit at any time. You should complain to the bank.

Best regards


Thank you Stem. I called my bank again today and more competent person have proceeded return for me.

this is untrue my account is always in credit, I submit regular readings every month and now you have put my payments up to double my monthly usage and are refusing to put it back down - I have tried repeatedly to sort this out for two months so now I am switching - goodbye Bulb