Usage graph incorrect for January 2021

Hi there,

I only have electricity in my 1-bedroom flat, I’m on a 2-rate meter with Economy 7 & the usage graph for January is incorrect. It’s showing I used £238 of electricity when I actually only topped up with £170 from 29th December thru to 28th January. I note on my calendar each time I top up & with how much, so I wonder if someone can please tell me why this is showing incorrect information?

Thanks in advance.

The usage graph doesn’t display correctly if you’re on an Economy 7 tariff.

It’s built on the assumption that you are billed at the same rate for all your electricity consumption, so works out your “usage” on the total kWh charged at their normal single-rate tariff.

Bulb know this, and don’t seem to be interested in fixing it (we discussed it at length on these forums last summer).

Hi Steve,

The search I made did not provide any results, hence the question. However, thank you for your answer. It has solved my query :slight_smile:

The thread from last summer was:

Note that it started out about estimated usage, and payment levels, and segued somewhat to talk about the usage graph (which is when I joined the conversation). Another poster, @Phillip_PAL, pointed out the problem was likely E7, and it had been known for some time (he linked to a much older thread on the topic).

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Thank you Steve :smile: