Usage graph on android app

A while ago I contacted you about the daily usage graph on the app only showing electric and was told it was be in looked into, well now it is not working at all and hasn’t been since 18 March. Any chance of anything being done to sort this out.

I see the app is now back working but mine is only still showing electric not gas on the daily graph, the same as it was when i contacted you in February about it and you said it would be looked into.

Hi @Treef :wave:

Thanks for your post.

I have had a look into your account and I can see that you have a first generation smart meter.

We have recently been upgrading the way we communicate with your type of meter, this is bringing your current meter in line with the newer generation of smart meters.

While this is happening your usage graphs, and potentially your smart readings will be put on a pause. We expect this to take around 2 months to fully migrate across.

I do apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Luke :bulb:

Hi Luke, If this will pause the smart readings you use for billing will the app revert to reminding when to send a manual reading.

Hi @Treef :wave:

Your readings have been coming through to us so this shouldn’t be an issue. I can see the gas reads have stopped recently, the meter is having issues staying connected to the smart network but sometimes they can resolve this themselves.

If the gas meter is not sending smart readings next month then get in touch and we can take a further look.

– KT :bulb: