Usage Graphs Consumption not Cost

Is there any chance the Usage Graph could have Consumption instead of/as well as cost on the Y-axis? I’m on the Smart Tariff so cost isn’t accurate. Thanks

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It has been mentioned many times on this forum but still not actioned.

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You’d think it would be a quick and easy fix. It really does reduce the usefulness of the usage graphs.

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Hey @DGP1000 Welcome back to the community, great to hear from you.

That does sound like an amazing idea and we apologise it has not been actioned yet.

We always look for opportunities to make things better and we can place your feedback into our graphs planning. :bulb:

Is there anything else you would think to be a good addition to your Bulb account?


It is not helpful when usage only shows cost, can’t compare between years when prices change

I agree here, I really don’t find the cost metric useful, and would like to see real consumption. There is no indication of how the standard charge is divided across the day, is that some baseline?

It would also be useful to be able to download the data in CSV format. I used to be a utilities manager and we used to look at consumption across the day/week to identify when equipment was coming on when it shouldn’t. That’s where the savings come from.

Giving the energy consumption in energy units would seem to be the default for most things (and is given in our bill) so why doesn’t the app show this? And what is the relationship between the cost displayed and the cost charged? How do you apply the service charge across the day, week, or month?

Hi @DGP1000 and @geffennash, thanks for these suggestions, I’ll be sure to put these to our Smart team just to show that, even if they’ve been raised before, that there’s still interest in these ideas.

With regard to the service charge, I believe that you’re referring to standing charge. This isn’t included in the cost that shows on usage graphs. When you ask about the relationship between the cost displayed and the cost charged, could you elaborate a little on what you mean by this?

Hi Lou
That’s not what your website says


If it reflects the SmartThings app, the standing charge is added at midnight

. So it will only show in the week, month and year cost graphs. It would be better (and I say this as an ex-energy manager responsible for a £35m annual spend) to only show consumption as this is the only thing your customers can control.

Yes this would be useful, its not a huge lift just needs some priority on Bulb engineering side.

I use a 3rd party system to get this data now from my smart meter but would be good to reconcile it with Bulb directly.

Interesting. What third party system do you use?


Glow: informs your smart home – Glow from Hildebrand (

Theres a few others on here using it.

There is a free mobile app that provides 30min resolution data and I started with that

Bright – Apps on Google Play

Its been great as I can integrate it to Home Assistant but few issues with it handling output from Solar which they are looking at.

Thanks. Just downloaded the iOS app and have it up and running. I’ll need to have a play but it looks like it even takes the Smart Tariff into account whereas the IHD and the Bulb app don’t.

Have been using the Bright app for a couple of weeks now and it’s brilliant. Far better detail than I can get from Bulb. Only issue seems to be I need the Glow IHD to see the instantaneous consumption. Is it worth forking out the £60 odd it costs?

Yea the app is good. As for their IHD it depends…

I forked out because it also means I can use their MQTT API to feed into Home Assistant to do some deeper analysis on energy consumption vs my solar production.

Just as IHD its OK - there is a nice feature that shows a bar chart of which hourly periods are more intensive in energy use but beyond that its not that much different to the Bulb IHD.