Usage increased after solar install

Evening all. I just wanted to check something. I have had solar installed with a capacity of just under around 2.5kw. And judging by the usage graphs in the app, I am using on average more £1 more each day bringing my electricity usage up to to nearly £4 per day and sometimes over £5.

I know my house uses around 250w on idle. And that’s all day because I run a home server etc. also on said server it monitors energy in real time which I can see remotely. And when we are at work my own energy monitor shows we are drawing zero power from the grid which is expected because I am generating roughly 2kw but only using 0.25 therefore I will actually be exporting.

I am just wondering if bulb is reading this export as well as my import because something just doesn’t add up.

Just so we are clear, my own energy monitor is extremely accurate and is up to date with the current tariff prices. The only thing it doesn’t do is add on the standing charge but it never has even before the solar.

So long story short, before I had solar, my own energy monitor closely matched the usage in the app. Now after solar my own energy monitor measures less usage as it should do but usage in the bulb app hasn’t decreased and in some cases, it’s increased. Help please.

P.S. I am a qualified electrician and I work for a solar installation company and never came across this before.

P.S.S. In the usage graphs, I am seeing spikes in electricity usage around 6am every morning. That makes sense on the days I am at work but it’s the same for when I am off work. I never get up and turn anything on at 6am on a day off haha. Also there are spikes in the daytime when it is super sunny and nothing is running. Even when no one is home.

I have had problems with meter readings in the past where the automatic readings where going up and down and I thought it was sorted. But perhaps not.