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I switched from E-on and I’ve noticed my plug in usage meter is no longer showing how much energy I’m using anymore?

Hey @Superbeefo_5OBW. When you switch to Bulb, the usage meter won’t work. We’ll be rolling out our smart meters at the end of 2018. You’ll be given a new display that will show your usage.

Thanks Eleanor, appreciate your reply

No problem @Superbeefo_5OBW. Let us know if you have any other questions. This blog is also worth a read, it tells you all you need to know about smart meters.

My wife reckons we’re paying too much for our energy and should be able to get it for less. Checking to make sure Bulb is still doing the right thing by us, I logged on to the Which? (Consumers’ Association) website and ran their comparison checker. It looks like some tariffs are cheaper, but it doesn’t say which are genuinely 100% renewable for electricity, or have a renewable component in their gas supply. But in the entry for Bulb I found the following two paragraphs, which I assume must have come from Bulb in the first place:

Energy Efficiency

"Bulb want to make it simple to keep track of the energy customer’s use. In addition, Bulb subsidises smart energy monitors for their members - they normally cost £75 but Bulb customers can get them for £20.

“Understanding how you use energy can mean lower bills. On average Bulb members use 10% less energy with these innovative and clever little devices, typically saving a home about £100 a year.”

But nowhere on Bulb’s site, or here in the community, is there any mention of “Smart energy monitors”! If these are Smart Meters why not call them that? And anyway Smart Meters aren’t here yet. This states that these “innovative and clever devices” are available for £20 - but how? And why are Bulb keeping so quiet about them?

Bulb, please enlighten me! :wink:




You must have missed this comment by Bulb on the Community:

I would think I am 99% certain the information on the Which site is based on old information.

Hey @oz_tones. That’s a good spot. We’ll make sure that we update Which? with the correct information.

We did trial smart home devices a while ago but we never fully rolled it out so that’s not correct information.

You can read all about Bulb smart meters here.
When we do roll out our smart meters, you’ll get an in-home device included as it’s part of the smart set up.