Hi please can you tell me why is it on your site when I check my usage it only shows your est and not my real time use in colour as it should it seems that your not supposed to see it ? Also why did you take £158.00 pounds from my account when I set my payments to £150.00 to cover the supposed increase in usage?


Hi, without being able identify your account I’m not too sure - it should show a breakdown of usage each month. It won’t be in real time as we don’t have smart meters yet, but it will be updated to reflect your billing. For the payment, if we suggested £158 and then you changed it shortly before the payment was due to £150 then it may not have updated the Direct Debit in time - they don’t update straight away. If it’s showing as £150 in your Bulb Account then your next payment will be for this much. If you want to discuss your payments in a bit more detail we are happy to do that.


Please be careful not to post any personal details, this is an open forum. You are best contacting the Bulb team direct via one of the options shown at: :

Thanks Allanr, that’s a good point. Definitely best to contact us directly when discussing payment methods, and as with all public forums don’t disclose any personal details. We will be back on the phones from 9am tomorrow morning.