Hi everyone.
I’m new to bulb. If I used 600kwh electric in four weeks what might my bill come to approx.
If I use 150m3 gas in four weeks what might my bill be.
Thanks in advance

Have you tried using the formulas that is at the bottom of your monthly statement? It explains how they work it out.

Electricity I reckon around £94 at normal tarriff

Prices vary a bit depending on your region, but here in the West Mids (13·64p/kWh inc VAT) I’d be charged £81·84 for the electricity plus £5·72 standing charge.
The conversion from metered gas units to kWh varies a bit with the average calorific value for the period in question, but multiplying by 11·15 will be somewhere near. That would give 1673kWh, for which I’d be charged (3·728p/kWh) inc VAT) £62·35 plus £5·72 standing charge.

Hi thanks for your answers. Looks like I’ll have to turn off the hot tub