Why is my electric so high? My meter for a start does not change time so is currently 1 hour behind. Could my water heater be faulty and using more than it should? I have a fridge freezer only going all day, we are out working, yet my bills are sky high and only 2 adults in the house. I charge my phone in the car, I have no heating on and I’m getting worried for when winter comes.

Hi @Amandalou,

If you’re concerned that your bills are too high, I’d recommend performing a burns test.

Essentially it either involves turning everything off or everything on and checking which meter is ticking over or not.

For electricity:

Turn off your power at the fuse box and check if the electricity meter is still clocking consumption. It should have stopped, as no electricity is being used – so if it’s clocking, it’s probably faulty.

For gas:

Start by turning off all your gas appliances and heating.

Turn on one item, such as a single gas ring, and then watch the meter for a few minutes. For a single gas ring the meter should only clock a few kilowatt hours over the course of five minutes. Make a note of the amount the meter clocks up, and tell us the figures you’ve noted.

We’ll be able to judge whether your meter’s working properly or not.

You can also use this to check whether there are any appliances consuming large amounts of energy but turning each appliance on one at a time and checking how much the meter moves up by.