Use of energy derived from Biomass

How much energy is Bulb using (and supplying to us) that is derived from Biomass?

Biomass is not carbon neutral

Hi @BobA

Guess you watched the Channel 4 show last night as well, here is a breakdown of our energy mix:

7% hydro
60% solar
31% wind
2% other

The 2% other is made landfill waste and biomass, however, the biomass does not include wood chips.

Of course, the energy supplying you is from the grid rather than directly from our green energy sources so we make sure that for every unit of electricity you use, a unit is produced and put on the grid by a renewable source.

I was wondering this too, and am delighted that only 2% is from “other” sources.

Any possibility of Bulb reducing this further? :slight_smile:

Hi @Geori89 our Fuel mix is changing all the time as we buy more energy to supply our increasing customer base. We will always seek to purchase energy from sources that are both cost-effective and friendly to the planet.