use this referal code for £50 credit

Don’t post your link on the forum.

I cant even find my referral code

Your referral code can be found in your Bulb account ( ) under ‘Refer a Friend’. However, posting the link to Bulb’s forums, on Trustpilot or other review sites and on Bulb’s social meda pages (Twitter/Facebook etc) is a direct breach of Bulb’s Terms and Conditions (see section 17.3 of ) and may lead to any/all referral credits being revoked and you being blocked from using the referral/rewards program (section 17.6). I’d therefore suggest @sunny738 edits their post to remove their link as soon as possible so they are no longer in breach.

Hi @sunny738 - just to let you know, I’ve edited your post to remove your referral link.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from members that referral links on the Community are making it difficult to see and participate in all the other helpful discussions, so we think it’s best to remove them.​