Useless company

I have had bulb as my electric supply for 15 months they have never got my electric bill right as yet my night rate they use for the Day rate and vice-a-versa we have had conversations over the phone they tell me the same each time that it has been sent to the investigation team I have also sent in photos of my meter reading but still they can’t work it out my next stop is the energy ombudsman I think


Totally agree with you.
Wished I had never have signed up with Bulb!
I have a dual rate meter. Always worked fine with previous companies. Joined Bulb February this year and since have not been able to see my dual rates.
Complained several times and finally someone was looking into this. Great! I thought, until a couple of weeks ago…
Was then informed that I was being switched to a single rate as my meter can not produce 2 rates!
I terminated my supply and wanted a final bill and only 3 days ago I got a statement telling me I was £380 plus in debt on top of the £487 already paid. This is for my electric supply for only for 5 months usage.
Absolutely crazy and totally wrong!
I cancelled my DD (to prevent the extortionate amount being collected, and advised Bulb of my actions).
I received another corrected bill yesterday Which now states I am £82.47 in debt!
What I don’t understand is, that this is based on an estimate reading at the time of joining Bulb when I gave them both my day and night rate readings. All my usage on my account has gone. I have no record on my account of any meter Readings and can’t talk to anybody at Bulb who seems to have a clue about my problem.
Would I recommend Bulb NEVER!


Hi @mikewheeler10

Firstly a slightly ironic welcome to the Bulb Community, I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad experience with your billing to date.

I can see that you’ve got an open complaint on the issue, and it is currently being addressed by our operations team. Whilst we’ve corrected the issue with the readings, the statement generated needs to be checked for accuracy. I’ll chase this up for you and try get the statement issued ASAP.

Hi @Lajames

Likewise welcome to the Bulb Community. I’m sorry your first post was reporting these issues.

I can likewise see we have an open complaint for this problem, and would advise raising further issues there so we can keep all the information in one place. We are in the process of correcting your billing, but we’re yet to receive your closing reading from your new supplier. Until we get this we won’t be able to generate a final statement for you.

It seems that the meter reconfigured from 2-rate to 1-rate when you switched to ourselves. This can happen with the generation of smart meter you have, and is an industry-wide issue. When this happens we have to rebill to 1-rate. I am really sorry for this, and entirely appreciate why you’re so frustrated.

I have to agree with you. I find it hard to get my head around this company!
I had been delighted with this company, then suddenly after 14 months the problems started. all my previous meter readings disappeared. my regular monthly statement didn’t appear. after many emails I was told the problem had been rectified. unfortunately it is not so, still no statement, and when checking my account I see that my direct debit has been set to £0 “to avoid running up a big debt” now they seem to be totally ignoring my emails.
by far the worst supplier I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.


Hi @ray.heb and welcome to our Community :deciduous_tree:

I’m very sorry for the experience you’ve had. I can see that you too have an open complaint about this. Like Curtis has outlined above, it is best to keep everything in one place.

I can see that you emailed us in the complaint thread on Friday, I’ve message Luke who is handling your complaint so that we can get this sorted.

Again, I’m very sorry for this frustrating situation.

While this morning I have contacted octopus energy to swap to them

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Hi @mikewheeler10 we’re sorry to see you’re switching away from Bulb.

One of the team replied to you yesterday with screenshots of the readings we hold on our system. Please could you respond there, so we can work to resolve your complaint?


I haven’t received any screen shots from you or anyone else from bulb

Hi @mikewheeler10,

I can see that these were sent at 10:39am yesterday? Did you receive any email at this time? Have you looked in your spam/junk?

Please let me know and I can get Shoz to resend it if needed.

I have it now but it doesn’t say what reading is for no wonder you lot can’t get it right I sent my reading the other day with photos of my meter please do not keep on sending me messages I’m not interested

Hi @mikewheeler10, I’ve sent you another email, this time with the meter readings listed to show which rate they represent too.

I hope this is all good for you, but if you need any other help, let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all, I know my situation is vastly different (I have a single rate meter at least!) but just wanted to say I have been with Bulb for a while now and I have nothing but good to say, best customer service I have experienced. I know everyone’s situation is different but I just wanted to say it isn’t all bad as you may assume from the forums :joy:


I agree with you wich I posted on a different topic.

It`s very simple, send your meter reading, adjust your Direct Debit if needed, if not, just ignore their suggestion to increase it.

Everything else is caused by themselves, I am 100% sure of it.

I`m not saying everybody should be a computer genius but a bit of organizational skills will prevent any issues.

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Hi totally agree with you I sent them an email to say don’t phone me between 6am and 6 pm because I am working and they phoned me 3 time a day

I’m same rediculas way to much they also corrected my acc that put me back in free of £300 I still made a payment on top but day later I’m in dept I’ve had constant problems they replied to each email and I at last fort that sorted it but yet again more problems they don’t care that I’m desabled and find it hard without this problem I will not refer anyone to them especially as they do nothing

Hi @sharlenejuice

I’m sorry that you’re having ongoing billing issues. We’ve responded to one of the other threads you’ve posted on now outlining the next steps to rectifying the problems.

Totally agree 100%
Useless. Cant even get readings right that Ive given with picture evidence.! Total incompetence!

Hi @carruthers007, first welcome to the Bulb community :clap:

I can see that we have got up-to-date meter readings for your account, so these should be correct.

I can also see that my colleague has a complaint open with you at the moment, so if you have any further queries about your account, I would advise to reply to his last email, so that all communication regarding your account can be kept altogether in one place.

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Sending meter readings is simple, I agree, but, when my meter is a dual rate meter and since joining Bulb only displays the one rate, you can not give just a single rate via the app! I have telephoned and given my reading and after numerous button pushing etc. (As instructed by Bulb) Bulb can not get my correct readings. I have received 2 maybe 3 bills since leaving them, and not one of them state it’s my final reading!
My last correspondence to them I asked for someone to contact me to discuss my final bill. I have not received any call.
The only response I have had from Bulb was a reply on this Community Bulb group in relation to a ongoing complaint!
Customer Service is a joke!

@Lajames I’m really sorry that you’ve still not received your final bill. I’ve just asked my colleague handling your complaint for an update on this.