Useless credit?

Hi, I am in my second month with Bulb, and also have credit in my Bulb account. I would like to know, why they notice me they will use my debit account to pay my bill? Is that useless this Bulb credit?

Ideally one should be 1 month ahead with payments although this will vary winter/summer dependent on usage. DD payments are averaged out to your annual usage and will be taken each month. If you are building credit then contact Bulb and they will credit excess back to your bank account.

Hi @JonathanMK - that’s absolutely right, as we take payments in advance, we expect to see one months payment in your account to pay for the current month’s usage. If credit is building up on your account, just get in touch with recent meter readings and we can issue a refund of excess credit.

All we ask is to keep one months payment on your account to prevent you from falling in to debit once we generate your latest bill.