Using Account Credit

Hi I’m due to pay my monthly fee in three days according to your recent email, can I swap that to pay with credit that I’ve got at the moment. Or failing that can I pay next months fee with credit if it’s too late to sort this for this month.



mark8925, it’s generally easiest to contact them by phone or web chat (on a week day) but they can indeed temporarily adjust your debit payments, or my personal recommendation, transfer extra credit back to your bank account.

When you have them transfer the credit back to your bank, it reduces the potential for confusion when you look back at your statements in the future. You can see easily how much has gone out for bills (as normal) and also the amount you’ve been refunded, rather than just a couple of lower payments that don’t mean very much.

@mark8925 - we can refund credit in excess of one month’s worth of payments. Over the winter, we’d also expect your consumption to eat into any credit sitting in your account. If you still find yourself with a considerable amount of credit in your account by the end of March, I’d recommend giving us a call and releasing it in one of the two ways mentioned by @mowcius