using animal waste to produce BULB electririty

I was very disappointed to learn that Bulb use animal waste from intensive farming units to produce some of your electricity. I believe these intensive units are a form of animal cruelty, and trust that you will review this decision immediately.

I read the same this morning… would really like to know if its true…


Actually I came on here to try and find some information regarding this issue too. It would be good to see a statement of Bulb’s position on this matter.

Hi @andrew1944 @Bogzla - thanks for your comments. It’s great to see people taking an interest in where their energy comes from. We completely understand your concerns. We’ve got a handy map on our website which shows you where your energy comes from

Bulb buys 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas. A small portion (typically 1-2%) of this comes from animal by-products. In other words, pig poo. This helps us to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by using by-products that may otherwise go to waste. These animal by-products are also often used as fertiliser for e.g. organic vegetables.

This topic has been discussed for a while amongst us green folk. We wrote a blog about it a couple of years ago, you can read it here

We visit as many of the sites as we can before buying energy from them. We do not buy from sites with animals kept in intensive farming units, the animals are free-range. Our view is that the more people who switch to green suppliers, then the more people will talk about these important issues, and the more pressure there is on farmers and generators to make sure their animals are kept within acceptable standards. You can only make big change in a system you’re a part of!