Using my £50 credit

I need to use my £50 credit towards this month’s payment. How do I do that??

It happens automatically, the £50 is credited to your Bulb account. Think of your Bulb account just like a bank account, you pay money in, your energy bill gets taken out, each month you get a statement of the balance.

If what you mean is you want this months payment to be £50 lower than it normally is, then that’s not how it works. Your payment will be the same every month. The £50 is simply credited to your account just like your monthly payments are credited to your account.

Providing you are not too close to your payment date, you could manually change your direct debit to be something lower via your account dashboard. But you’ll probably need to be 1-2 weeks away, otherwise it’s too late since direct debit payments are very slow and initiated quite some time in advance of the actual payment date. If you do try this, remember to change it back up again to the correct amount immediately after your payment is taken.