Using my Bulb referral via Martin Lewis' Cheap Energy Club

Hi there. I am recommending my Mum to switch to Bulb after being so impressed (We had a nightmare regarding our usage being way to high but this was no fault of Bulb’s). I have my code from when I joined in October. I just wanted to clarify:

I am switching her over using Martin Lewis’ Cheap Energy Club website. It doesn’t, at present, ask for any referral codes. Can I trust once it all goes through I will have an opportunity to provide the code; it is still valid even though we are going through Cheap Energy Club, isn’t it? (via their site, they are giving £25 cashback after 3 months, but I presumed it would be that plus then the £50 via my referral. If it is the choice between the two I want the £50, not least because it is more money for my Mum but also I get the £50 as well!)

Many thanks in advance

Many thanks in advance

Nope, unless I am corrected, you have to join Bulb via a referral link to benefit from the £50 referral. You are not entitled to the £50 if you joined via Cheap Energy Club?

It’s either or. Can’t have both.

That’s right, @Ell_F

Bulb offer the £50 referral credit if you sign up through the referral link.

If you sign up through Martin Lewis’ cheap energy club, they will offer £25 cashback.

You cannot get both the £50 and the £25.

Hi. I signed up to Bulb via Uswitch. Bulb gives £25 of the £50 referral credit to the customer as I understand it. My mistake… I should have used an existing customer’s referral code. Anyway, no £25 has appeared yet.

Hi @RayG - the payment is added to your Bulb account within 90 days of choosing to switch.

The best way to sign up is through a referral link…it’s the only way to get the full bonus.

The best way to sign up is through a referral's the only way to get the full bonus.

Unfortunately not all potential customers will be aware of the referral scheme or have access to a link.