Using my credit

Hi, I currently have £100 credit in my account (£50 for signing up with my friend’s referral link, and another £50 from one of my friends using mine). This is more than enough to cover my next 2 bills, but I’m getting conflicting information as to whether this credit will automatically be applied in this way. I also need to pay my final bill to my old supplier this month, so funds will be tight. Is there anything I can do to make sure my next 2 bills are paid using my credit rather than taking the money by direct debit? Thank you

Hi @GaZ_D200 We don’t use your credit automatically, but we’re happy to make your next couple of payments £0 so you can use it up. I’ve done that for you now, it’s too late to make your Feb payment £0, but I’ve made your March and April ones £0. After that it’ll come back up to the amount you currently pay.

Have a great evening.