Using Pipit 500 In-home Display Unit

I recently jumped form First Utility to Bulb Energy. I was supplied a Pipit 500 In-home Display Unit by First Utility and I wonder if it is possible to use with Bulb?

No it’s not.

Hi there @DamoUK

Once you switched over to us, your smart meter will have turned into a normal meter you can take readings from. For now, this handy guide should show you how to get readings out of your meter:

The section on smart meters is about half way down. If you have any problems, please let me know.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for anyone other than the supplier who installed the smart meter to get readings from it remotely. This is a problem common to all smart meters currently installed in the UK, and one that we’re hoping will be fixed by next year when we’re planning to roll out smart meters to our members.

The little portable screen, the Pipit 500 In-home Display Unit, which comes with the smart meter will also have stopped working once we took supply, so you’ll have to go to the meter itself (probably in a cupboard or under the stairs or something) and follow the instructions to get readings out of it. There may still be numbers showing on the screen, but they won’t be very reliable I’m afraid. For one thing, we have no way of telling it what your tariff is with us.

The second generation meters, which will fix all of the above problems, are due to be rolled out to any Bulb member who wants one later this year and early next year, if you’re interested. They will be able to switch supplier, and keep on working without a problem.

@DamoUK, a slightly unrelated question but how did you find the Pipit500 when you were with your old supplier?

It looks marginally better than some of the others I have seen, but still perhaps not a very useful unit.