Vari-Fair off-peak hours

Could you please tell me my off peak electricity hours please. I’ve got the Vari-Fair tariff. I can’t find it on my contract.

Hi @ricardo21 - off-peak hours are dependent on the meter in your home, not what Bulb chooses, so it will be different for everyone. From your meter type though, your off-peak hours are between 00:30 and 07:30 every day.

Good morning.
Can you tell what are my off-peak times please?
Thank you

Hi @Bruno

We have a handy help centre article that tells you what your off peak hours are. Let me know if you have any other questions about your meter?

Hi @Bruno,

Does the stickied thread ‘What are my off-peak hours for Economy 7’ at help at all?

Hi Bulb, what is my off peak hour please. I am on a Vari-Fair tarrif. Mine is a old black manual meter.

Off peak hour*