Vari-fair off peak & peak times

Hi, I’m fairly new here, have absolutely no idea when my off peak and peak times are on my Vari-fair rates and struggling with increasing bills.
Can anyone help me?
Also I can’t watch my meter switch because it’s in a very awkward place and that’s why I also don’t have a smart meter yet!

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m on Economy 7, and can hear my meter switch, in an adjoining room

long shot but if you have a baby monitor, or can borrow one, you could set it up to listen for the loud clunk

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It’s usually between 0000 and 0700 GMT. You can search online for your electricity region. Their website will tell you the times. They’re not the same for each region, otherwise there’d be a huge spike all over the country as thousands of storage heaters cut in.

I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find the times :see_no_evil:

It’s tucked into the corner of a boiler cupboard behind things, almost impossible to get to, but I’ll try thank you!

If you tell me your town, I’ll try to look it up for you. If it’s not the hours I’ve stated it’ll be up to an hour or so either side of those times, eg, 0100 to 0800 or 0030 to 0730, etc

Sunny Southend in Essex :rofl:


It’s between 2300 and 0700. So, any 7 hour period between then. Bulb should be able to tell you the exact time.

If you’ve got an old-fashioned set up, you’ll have a clock mechanism near to your meter. The times will be indicated on that. The clock face will have lugs denoting the start and finish time. Also, the meter will show Low and Normal readings. Check which figures change after 1100 or 1130 or 0000. These are approximate times.

Otherwise, and assuming you have storage heaters, see at that time they start charging. There may be an indicator light, etc.

if it makes as loud a noise as mine does when switching to the cheaper tariff, you wouldn’t need to get that close - I hear mine through a closed door and with the TV on!!

my storage heaters don’t light up when the economy rate starts, but the hot water cyclinder does

In which case you can see when your Economy 7 time starts. As for your heaters not lighting up, that’s a different subject :slight_smile:

Heya @abbyjadegraham I’ll pop you an email with your exact times based on your meters now.

Shoutout to @Anton59 for being so helpful on this one! :blush: – Miriam :electric_plug:

Can we charge batteries when the electricity is cheap and use them during the day when its expensive

:rage: :rage: :rage: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:

Yes, absolutely you can.

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