Variable direct debit or not

I have received an email confirming Bulb will switch my account to pay by variable direct debit, using any credit built up first. However my app still shows that £90 will be taken on the 21st July!

So has it changed to variable direct debit or not ?

Hi @Joanne2711 :wave:

I have just checked and your account is currently paid by variable direct debit and there are no pending direct debits so this should be fine.

All the best,

Jenny :star:

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Thank you, I have also changed my D/D details when you need to collect after my credit has run out

My statement date has always been the 21st of the month, this morning, after you confirmed yesterday the change to variable direct debit, I see an estimated bill has been generated for the period dated 1st July covering 13 days.
So I can ensure, as I always have, actual readings are provided can you clarify what date my bills will now be generated on. Also why I was not informed that a 13 day estimated bill would be produced