Very confused and concerned about poor communication from Bulb

I’m a new customer to Bulb and set up a DD to start on the 5th Jan 21. This all went through fine but on the 14th Jan noticed that Bulb had refunded me??

I emailed and got a reply straight away from Abigail apologising and offering a credit of £15 and stating that they had sent an email to open my online Bulb account again. All good, except when I checked my account I was left with more confusion and questions.

Firstly, I haven’t received this email about re-opening my account. I’ve checked my spam/junk file also and there’s nothing there.

Secondly, I’ve checked my online account on Bulb and I was expecting to see a withdrawal of the original DD amount of £52.67 (which is what I owe you and honours the original agreement). Instead I see a bill statement for £4.82 for a single days estimated energy use (5th - 6th Jan) which says will be paid on the 30th Jan??? I’m really confused. Why have a I been sent this?

Thirdly, and most worryingly , when I set up the account in December I was quoted £52.67 (as per the email below) monthly payments and set up a DD to go out on the 1st of each month for this amount. This seemed to have been removed since now it says I have to set up a payment plan again (which I’ve already done in December) and when I clicked on this the quote has doubled to £111.95!!! Why?

Please can you re-set the DD to the original agreed amount of £52.67, explain and/or remove the £4.82 statement and re-send the email that confirms the account is now open.

I’ve sent an email requesting this twice now and haven’t received a reply. Please can you help!

Hello @Emling,

Welcome to Bulb community, and thanks for your first post!

Really sorry for the confusion in getting this resolved for you, I can see you’ve since spoken to my colleague and it looks like the issues have been resolved, your payments are now set at the agreed £52.67.

If you still have any questions or can’t access your online account, feel free to pop us a response here, or via email and we’ll be happy to help!

Freya @ Bulb :bulb:

Thank you Freya
Yes, I called Bulb in the end and spoke to Shanti. Because we got cut off she sent me an email explaining the resolutions to the above which is helpful. I’ve still got a few questions and awaiting her reply. Fingers crossed she’ll be in touch soon (unless you’re willing to have a look?).