Very disappointing - Very Poor customer service


I just switched from one of the best energy company to Bulb - because you guys advertise very well and it is renewable energy.

Yesterday I was about to refer a friend from Avroenergy to Bulb. When she about to complete the registration from Avroenergy to Bulb, I found out Electricity standing charge per day and Electricity Unit Rate are super cheaper than Bul. Plus she has more bedrooms than I am. So, I went into live chat to clarify why Avroenergy is much less expensive than Bulb. Guess what happens

I send many messages - all I received was just ‘Hi’ nothing else. Please see the screenshots.

I also attached Electricity standing charge per day and Electricity Unit Rate(comparisons from Bulb to Avroenergy)

The most annoying thing is I feel like I want to switch to somewhere else. I didn’t expect this poor service from you guys. I waited for more than 20 minutes. The reply I received is ‘Hi’. Very disappointing.

Hey @Thomas2018.

Thanks for bringing this up. We’ve had some issues with our chat service. We can see your messages but some of our members have not been able to see the replies.

We are sorry that we did not recognise this was the case with your online chat, we should have followed up with an email.

We’re aware of the problem and fixing it.

I have closed your email thread as it’s a copy of this post. Let me know if you’d like me to open it again.

In reply to your query, we are not the very cheapest supplier around. It’s always worth checking out the markets before switching suppliers. You were right to check the standing rates and unit charges as this is the way you can find the cheapest supplier for you.

Let me know if you have any more questions.