Very High Bills

I live in a one bed apartment. There are just 3 of us here and one is a 3 yr old child.
I have noticed our bills are much higher than when we were with EDF
Since we joined you our breakdown is as follows…

July 2018 = £48.93

Aug 2018 = £50.67

Sep 2018 = £54.11

Oct 2018 = £56.31

Nov 2018 = £69.58

December 2018 = £827.36

Jan 2019 = £1060.01

Feb 2019 = £240.43

April 2019 = £195.96

May 2019 = 172.61

I question the December bill…how does it suddenly jump so high £827.36
We only ever paid around 50-60 on our electric bill each month.
The latest amount also is way too high.
I am keeping a close eye and am considering switching back to my old supplier who were consistent in their amounts each month.

There obviously is something wrong with these figures.

Are they the actual cost of your energy and more importantly are they based on meter readings which you supplied to Bulb?

When you received the December 2018 did you not question the figure of £827.36 with Bulb?

It was estimated mainly…
I should have questioned the Dec figure, but I assumed I was being billed at my general amount each month.
Only today when I received what I thought was a high amount did I trawl back on everything to see what had been going on.

If you don’t mind me asking but it looks as you have not been submitting monthly meter readings is there a reason for this? Supplying regular meter readings means you get accurate bills.

Each month I receive my statement I check it is based on the readings I supplied to Bulb, so I don’t get the erratic figures listed by you.

It was estimated mainly....

You can’t expect accurate bills without supplying accurate information.

When an accurate meter reading is received after months of low estimates, you’ll get what’s known as a “catch up” bill where all the underbilling arrives in one month. That doesn’t mean that you’ve used that much energy in one month of course, you’re just catching up.

Clearly something started to go wrong in December. Either your meter is faulty, or you’ve got a faulty appliance - perhaps an immersion heater that is stuck on and heating water all day every day? I’d suggest you start taking regular meter readings to try to understand what’s going on.

We certainly don’t have an immersion heater stuck on all day. So we don’t know what is going on. I’ll call Bulb in the morning.

It would be nice to know the outcome of this.

It would be nice to know the outcome of this.


I was told “someone at Bulb entered the wrong readings manually in October, which jumped up your bill significantly and incorrectly”.

It’s resolved now and my account is now £371 in credit.

Glad it’s all been sorted out for you, and thanks for coming back to let us know.

Ooh not what you need but glad it’s sorted. Amazing how maybe one digit wrong can produce a wrong bill