Very high electric

I’m on pre paid key and since 24th December I have spent £95 on electric… that’s 3 weeks I only live in a 2 bedroom bungalow … definitely not the cheapest around I’ll be moving to another electric supplier very soon

The £s spent is irrelevant you have to look at how many kWh you have used as it could be your usage has risen during this cold spell.
How does Bulb kWh rate compare to others on the market?

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We are very pleased with Bulb and during the past 12 months have nearly halved our bill compared with our previous supplier

Nick that’s amazing that they have halved your bill. So you were paying 28p per kwh before and over 40p a day standing charge.

No wonder you switched.

Our bill had gone up to over £100 per month and now £50 so well pleased

@Nickcx500 Sounds like you’re talking about your direct debit amount rather than your actual bill. I doubt the actual cost of your energy is half what you were paying previously. As @PaulMC12345 said you would have to have been paying 28p per kWh and 40p per day standing charge for that to be true, which is just ludicrous.

As a silly example - I could offer to supply you with electricity for £20 per month. Great, right? I mean you’ve be massively in debt to me after 12 months because you weren’t paying enough, but so long as the monthly figure looks cheap that’s all that matters.

Similarly if a company charges you £100 per month that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re actually any more expensive than another company charging you £50 per month. You could just be building up a large credit. Or you could be paying off a debt due to only paying £20 per month for the past year.

You need to look at the actual cost of energy when making a comparison, rather than considering just the predicted debit debit amount which is mostly just a guess.


I think you’re flogging a dead horse here mate.