Very poor customer service and ripping off customers

So I have been with Bulb for a few months, I am paying more than Eloectricity I use (Electricity usage per month £20 (summer) £41- DEC - Feb. Currently IN CREDIT to the tune of £146.26 (was much greater) wanted to reduce monthly DD to be lower than £25 due to not wanting Bulb to hold on to my hard earned cash. Guess what… despite several attempts, Bulb will not let me reduce the monthly DD from £25. I am not a dumb customer… I have a battery system and 4.5kW of PV so I only purchase a very tiny amount of Electricity in the Spring through Summer to Autumn (Bulb can see this from my monthly meter readings and now the SMART meter) This is ripping off customers. Also I had a SMART meter fitted in December. It is a dual rate (Econ 7) meter. Despite their help site suggesting Econ 7 is usuall 2330 - 0630 the Econ 7 times are different to my existing meter (2330 - 0630 GMT). Have worked out it is something like 00:30 - 0:730 but Bulb will not confirm what times are for the Econ 7 period. Very poor. Emailed complaints on the 29th December guess what nil response. I now intend to expose Bulb to the regulator. Please do not recommend new customers to swap to bulb as they are very unprofesssional, offer no customer service and rip off customers by holding on to their Credit balance. Pretty rubbish really.

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Hi @creswell.baker, I’ve managed to find your email so I’m going to send you a reply before the end of the day :+1:t2:

Lou :stars: