Very rude call from Bulb regarding Smart Meter

I just received a call claiming to be Bulb (03003030635), offering a smart meter. It was a full on hard sell call (limited time, might not be free forever etc etc) and I was a little suspicious as time went on, when he asked to verify my post code. So I said “thank you for the info, I will log onto my account and order it from there”.

The guy then started saying something like “I can’t be sure of the quality of the engineer if I book online” and “there are less appointment times available online”. Suspicious levels increase further.

I repeat that I would prefer to order it online, when the guy says “Wow… why would I waste my time calling to offer you a free meter”. I asked them not to “wow” at me - which really set him off. Said I was wasting his time and that he had 1.7m other customers to call blah blah.

At which point I informed him he was being rude and hung up.

This has really freaked me out over Bulb, and given how easy it is to switch energy provider, I think it is time to move on. You really need better customer service agents if you are going to unleash them with hard sell smart meter calls.

Hi @matt5

Thanks for your post and welcome to community :wave:

I’m so sorry you had such a poor experience on that call. That is certainly not the standard of service we hold ourselves to and we have let you down here.

We do call members to see if they would like to get a smart meter installed, as they can be really beneficial when managing your bills. It is of course your choice as to whether or not you get one installed and how you go about booking an appointment in.

I’m just tracking down that call now, and will happily open a complaint for you via email if you wish ?

Thanks - Eleanor :bulb:

Hi Ele,

Thank you for the response. I hope you managed to find the call to review. There is no need to open a complaint, as I am sure the employee calling me was not following your guidelines. I was just quite shocked to be spoken to in that way, after such an innocuous start to call.


Hi @matt5

Again I apologise for the negative experience the call created. And completely understand that the tone of the call would be shocking.

I’ve logged the call as being dissatisfactory for now, but please let me know if you would like to discuss it any further.

Thank you
Ele :bulb:

Could I also please be signed up for No Smart Meter calls and emails.

The Landlady categorically won’t have one fitted in any of her houses,

Thank you John

The smart meter’s do not work i have had one for 2/3 years now i have complained and complained that the gas does not work only the electric reading it is useless , i was told it would be fixed for jan this year or was it last , it has been so long ,
we are now knocking on Santa’s door

Hey @John75 :wave:

No problem at all, I’ve added you to our refusals list now.

Hi @Ronald1 - Sorry to hear you have had trouble with your smart meter.

I just had a look over your account and it looks like multiple attempts have been made to commision the meter so that communicate with it, but they were unsuccessful.

We do not have fixes yet for the errors we encountered when trying to commission the meter, but we are working on them and will be in touch when we have a solution

Ele :bulb:

Hi Ele thanks for the reply and a merry Christmas, with all due respect i am not going to hold my breath i have had to many promises in my life and not many have materialised


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