Very unhappy customer

I had new meters installed by Bulb in April 2019. I have just received a bill dating back from June 2018.Saying that I have underpaid
By £703. I have been paying by direct debit tha amount they told me I would have to pay.
Have not missed any payments.
Bulb have obviously not been billing me correctly. I’m on very low income just state pension. Now extremely worried sleepless night. Fed up.

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Sorry to hear about your problems.

An energy supplier can only bill you correctly if they have correct and up to date information. Have you been submitting monthly meter readings? Have those meter readings been showing up on your statements as actual, and not estimated, readings? If not, it’s possible you’ve received a “catch up” bill once an up to date meter reading was taken at the point the meter was replaced.

Sorry for all the questions, but we’ll need a bit more information if you’d like some help from us fellow customers.

I submitted meter readings for gas and electricity every month just so I wouldn’t get estimated Bill’s upto the time new meters were installed.
At no time was I made aware that my Bill’s
Were incorrect. Ofgem says that energy companies cannot bill you for catch up payments over 12 months old.

Great. Looking back at your PDF statements, do the readings you gave show up as actual customer readings? If you compare those statements with the new replacement statement you’ve received, can you see what has changed? Does the new statement have the same readings? There must be something different somewhere to produce a calculation that is different by over £700. Since you know what the meter readings were, it’s simple enough to work out yourself what the bill should be, and compare it to what is being charged.

We had a smart meter fitted 3 months ago and since then it has not recorded any readings - I have emailed bulb and followed their instructions and asked questions about how we make sure we know our usage- nothing back.

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I telephoned Bulb today to complain about my billing spent over 40 minutes getting through. Spoke to a receptionist who said she would get my complaint looked into.
I hope they will. I shall be extremely annoyed if I dont get a reply.
Hope they resolve your problem nothing worse than being ignored.

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Bulb are scum mate, paying mybill and still getting hassle. I am switching and that’s final. You didn’t give me 28 days notice about my “debt” so I am switching. Demanding action, so much stress, enforcement for me to pay £154 before Christmas. Like I said I can understand if I wasn’t paying but I have read the reviews about this con company pulling this on other customers, so yes I am leaving


Hi Douglasu4. I think you should switch supplier if you feel that way about Bulb. I don’t think they will miss you.
If you owe money, then you have to pay. That’s the rules. Good luck elsewhere.

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Hum… This isn’t a very polite conversation. " Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas , not people."

Does anyone moderate these forums? I can’t see a ‘report post’ button.

Your debt, and how it arose, will have been detailed on your most recent and likely one or more of your previous monthly statements. You get your 28 day notice of your account status every month.

Click the three horizontal dots next to the post, then click the flag button, as I just have.

I do feel sorry for the Bulb telephone support people sometimes! Must be a nightmare.

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I don’t think anyone would willingly work in a call centre if they had any other choice. I always try to be as polite as possible, because lets face it nothing is their personal fault, and you’re asking them for help.

People that come on here with an attitude regarding a problem that is usually of their own making via poor account management, they can have both barrels.


Same here. 45 mins to get through & then cut off.
Emailed them 18th October (& weekly since) yet still no response.

Hands down the worst energy company I have even been with… cue switching supplier!!


I agree whatever your complaint or mine as it happens. I started this thread. I can understand the anger and frustration. But being abusive serves no one.

Well I have to hand it to Bulb they sorted my billing issue promptly. Which I am very grateful. Now a very happy customer

You mention that you are struggling on state pension only… Have you thought of applying for pension credit? Lots of people who are entitled to it don’t apply for it!