Very unsympathetic towards vulnerable/disabled people

We are £177 in credit, which is more than our monthly payment. We are struggling more than ever because of covid and requested a credit refund of £50 to help us buy food over the bank holiday weekend. Bulb knows our full circumstances and we are on the priority services register. Not only did they completely ignore our request, they did not reply to follow up emails either. Thanks Bulb!

Hi @miina56

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a negative experience with Bulb. Our policy on refunds is that we need to leave a month’s credit in the account, as we take payments in advance. This is a core component of our billing system, and a large part of the reason we can offer lower tariffs.

Of course, we do want to be flexible in situations like yours. I can see the issue was escalated by the agent handling your case, and I will contact them now to ask they update you on the situation. Once again, my sincere apologies.

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In spite of CJs reply, and the supposed “escalation” of my urgent request, a week has passed since we first contacted you and you have still done nothing to resolve this. I think this speaks volumes for your attitude towards vulnerable and/or disabled people. Profit must always come first, right?

Just to follow up - Bulb finally contacted me nearly 2 weeks after my original request and only after I posted details of my experience on Trustpilot - which then mysteriously disappeared! I have asked Trustpilot to investigate this and am waiting for them to come back to me. In the meantime, bulb had agreed to move my billing date back to the end of the month to help with the financial pressure (I have screenshots of the chat and an email confirmation). Guess what - we got the usual bill on our usual payment day, using estimates (which are, of course, wrong) and no doubt the payment will be taken tonight - even though we are still in credit by over £60 and the new payment will mean we are more than £200 in credit. Bulb - you are a shambles.

Hi @miina56,

I can see that your payment date was moved to 28 September, and today I have moved your billing date to reflect this change too, so your next statement will be generated on this date.
I’m sorry that you were generated this estimated statement today though. In order to rectify this, I can either take meter readings for you for today and reissue this, or you can submit one in the days preceding your statement being generated on 28 September, and then this statement will be accurate.

With regard to your Trustpilot response, we don’t have the power to remove reviews in this way, so I can assure you that this wasn’t our doing. However, once we receive this review, we will be sure to respond to it in order to resolve any issues you’re having.

Just to update, after a week and a half, TrustPilot still have not responded to my query about why my post was deleted - the only thing I can conclude is that you can’t trust the TrustPilot reviews about bulb. Or TrustPilot at all? Maybe the word 'disabled" causes some kind of meltdown. Anyway, for the sake of my own health, I am giving up in this blog - and on bulb. Off to Octopus Energy as soon as I can.