Views sought on Tariff including a Nest Smart Thermometer Installation

About 12 months ago I left First Utility largely because I felt they were building in excessive ‘protection’ into the fixed tariff plans and joined Bulb accepting that there was an inherent risk of Bulb, in reality, costing more over time. It transpires that over 12 months Bulb will have proved c £70 less expensive than the First Utility fixed plan I was considering signing up for - Thank you.
I have been made aware by Shell Energy (First Utility having been bought out by Shell) of a Fixed tariff (to 31 May 2021) linked to a NEST ‘Learning’ Smart Thermometer.
I do not expect you to suddenly ‘jump’ into fixed tariffs but for all, I know Bulb may be edging towards them - having successfully managed as a supplier under variable pricing terms.
Shell Energy value the Nest Thermometer at £279 (although it is currently available at John Lewis for £180) and have confirmed that this thermometer DOES need installation and that installation is included in their valuation and tariff quotation.
I think it is something you should look into even if you have no immediate plans to offer any fixed cost/time tariffs.
Any cost incurred with offering a Smart Meter installed tariff would have to be guaranteed by a lock-in period at variable rates and/or a clawback for not staying with an agreed a set period of time.
I urge Bulb to look positively at the idea of incorporating a Smart Thermometer with your price offering as I will certainly revisit this matter by September/October with a view to having a Smart Thermometer installed by November 2019.

Will anybody add their thoughts good or bad to this idea

Mark Tarasek

I think offering special deals and discounts just confuses everyone. Just stick to one tariff and keep it as low as possible. It works, as I believe Bulb have over 1 million customers now.
Secondly; I had a Smart “Thermostat” and they are a complete pain. I know what temperature I want and when I want it. My smart system connects to my phone / ipad and takes seconds to adjust if I feel I want the heating to come on earlier if it’s cold.

I agree entirely with Paul. One of the best things about Bulb is you can leave at any time with no charge, and any tariff including smart thermostats would require some kind of contract lock-in.

I however have a Nest thermostat and find it works very well (for convenience and comfort at least). The most beneficial part for me is the calculated time to heat so even when it’s exceptionally cold outside/in my house overnight, the thermostat knows when to switch on to ensure the house is warm when I get up in a morning.