Virtual Assistant Integration

Is there a plan to integrate with a virtual assistant like Google Home or Amazon Echo? I think this would be a great feature!

Hi @LiamEmanuel99, agreed!

There’s a suggestion for both IFTTT integration, and API access on the open roadmap here, but there are no timescales and I suspect it’s a bit of a long way off yet.

Cool idea! I’ll put it in the ideas section of the roadmap. And even if this isn’t something that we do ourselves in-house, this is something that a member could build if we provide the APIs.


Great idea which could be expanded further once the API for IFTTT integration is established, e.g. “Alexa, how much did I spend on energy today?”. More similar commands with brief voice feedback mechanism would allow users to compare their energy usage with previous day/week, other energy suppliers, an equivalent of “planted trees”, etc… This also could be gamified in the future to encourage users’ engagement and as a result, raise awareness of (green!) energy usage.

@Bulb, very good job at saving the planet - keep it up, keep it green!

So, I see the trello card has moved to complete.

Any updates? I presume the integration has been created for Alexa and Google Assistant?

(@“Eleanor at Bulb”)

@Filip_Lubanski Thanks! very cool ideas. @mowcius you can find some useful updates here

@Filip_Lubanski Thanks! very cool ideas. @mowcius you can find some useful updates here
@"Si at Bulb", unless I'm missing something, there's no mention of virtual assistant integration on that page.

@“Si at Bulb”, any update?

There’s a SmartThings integration available with Bulb smart meters now - - so you should be able to get energy usage stats into any virtual assistant/home automation platform that integrates with SmartThings.

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