Hy guys how can I receive a printed voucher from bulb, regarding that 140 help from government

I ve got a code on my email but the shops don’t accept it they need a printed one so they can scan it. That’s what they said

I ve got a code on my email but the shops don't accept it they need a printed one so they can scan it. That's what they said

Give Bulb a ring in the morning, their details are on the Help page via the Help button at the top of this page. This is a public forum so Bulb team are most likely in a position to give you a definitive ans we.

Same here none of the shops know how to put my warm home discount onto my key fob. I told bulb this and they just sent me email with instructions but still doesn’t help! I’m sick of wasting my valuable time and getting no were

Hi @Emma8023 and @Ilie ,

Going by the Paypoint retailers guide and @“Eleanor at Bulb” 's guide at http://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/comment/26167/#Comment_26167 , the retailer should be doing the following on a Paypoint terminal:

  1. Select ‘TIll’ (should be the default app)
  2. Enter the ‘tag’ code you were provided in lieu of a barcode and press enter
  3. Select option 3 (Key issue)
  4. Enter their PIN code
  5. They should then prompt you to put in your electricity key
  6. Press Confirm/enter until ‘Please remove token’ is shown.

Hi @Emma8023 and @Ilie

@RichyB is right.

Each and every Paypoint should be able to process the £140, without needing a barcode.

Can you tell me a little more about the problem that you’re experiencing? And we’ll help you get this sorted.

Yes I’ve asked bulb and been told all thenm instructions but the shops don’t have any kind of code they keep saying they don’t have that pin you say comes up they have tried following the instructions you already gave me but not one shop can get it to work so how can I get my money

Hi @Emma8023

I’ve had a chat with our prepay team. The instructions we have provided you should work. If a Paypoint/Payzone is unable to add the credit, it’s because they are unsure how to process the code. And they should know.

The team have suggested a couple of things to help:

  1. Say you want the code added and not saying the amount - some stores think, incorrectly, that they will be out of pocket for this.

  2. Go to a larger store or supermarket - staff at these places are more likely to have had the correct training

If neither of these work, we can try something a bit different. If you also have a gas meter, we can request that you pick up the £140 next time you top up your gas. However, this is a longer process. If you’d like us to do this, you’ll need to email help@bulb.co.uk so one of our energy specialists can organize it.

I’d suggest that for now, you persist with your local shop. They are required to process your code.

Let me know how you get on.

Looks like they may not need the PIN - from Paypoint’s FAQ for retailers:

Some customers may need to update their energy key. In this instance, the supplier will give the customer an 8 digit number and advise them to bring their key and 8 digit code to their local PayPoint store.
  1. Use the PayPoint terminal keypad to type in the customer’s 8 digit number
  2. Check you typed the number in correctly
  3. Press ENTER
  4. Select 3=KEY ISSUE
  5. Take your customer’s key and insert it into the small slot at the front of the PayPoint terminal (the same slot used to charge a key).
  6. The terminal will display the message ‘EXISTING KEY’. Select ‘CONFIRM’.
  7. Finally, select ‘CONFIRM’ to complete the transaction.
  8. Wait for the message ‘PLEASE REMOVE TOKEN’ to appear on your touch screen before removing the key.
  • (from PayPoint - searching ‘How to update energy keys’).

    If a retailer is unable to do this, I would report them to Bulb (including details of which retailer you tried - name/address etc - so they can be reported to Paypoint for training. I know Monzo offer ‘cash deposits’ via PayPoint, but some retailers/staff haven’t been trained or haven’t paid attention to the training).

    Of course, we’re assume you are trying a PayPoint retailer for this - if it’s a PayZone one, we can have a search and see if we can offer suitable advice.

  • So how do I get the update code to update my key ? Is this a different code than the code I was given to put my discount on the key?

    Hi @Emma8023,

    The 8 digit discount code that Bulb provided to you is all the retailer should need to apply it to your key/code. I’d suggest trying a different retailer as sometimes the training provided to some shop staff is ‘lacking’ and they may not know how to do these tasks even though they should.

    Why can’t Bulb send out a letter or an printable email with a barcode that the retailer scans? EDF do it, why can’t Bulb? WE shouldn’t have to traipse around looking for a shop that knows how to add credit! just because they aren’t ‘trained’ is not good enough! Especially if you are disabled.

    I called them up in the end and told them I’m sick of standing in shops trying to tell them the instructions on how to do it and getting me no were , so what they did was put it straight into my gas they confirmed it 2 days later with email telling me to take my card to the shop they named and top up with £0 then it worked and got my money finely put into my meter after trying for weeks on end