Waayyyy tooo high new dd payment all of a sudden?

Hi to anyone willing to listen,

I was paying my bill casually , and now have been given a bill nearly three times the normal total!!! Why I don’t know . There is nothing different to what I am doing last year to now.

I was without a boiler for 3 months (August 2020- November 2020) , and was paying my full bill for gas and electricity - roughly £95.00 , so I am still owed a refund for fuel I did not use . Then this month I get hit with a complete P* - take of a bill of a beautiful £278!!! Apparently this is my new bill, and I am in £100 of debit all of a sudden. ABHORRENT AND CRUDE . This bill is false , and I need help challenging it . I have had to cancel my DD , as there is not enough money in my account to afford that each month . If anyone can help me , I would be so grateful.

All advice welcome.

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You took my direct debit of £50 pounds out of my Lloyds account. Please can i have the money back please.

Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Nathan Dean Fletcher.

You must have given them the details of your Lloyds account, they don’t have the brains or the wherewithal to find the account N# or the sort code by themselves

One wonders if you were also sending in your meter readings casually, if at all, as for your boiler being out of commision how wouldd bulb know that?
If you have been sending in regular readings and you think your bill is wrong, you must start with the OFFICIAL complaints form(att the bottom of this page) and carry on from there

Hey @Pris - I see you currently have a complaint open with one of my colleagues, please can you get back to their email as soon as you can with the information requested to get this sorted?