Waiting 7 weeks for an email response!

I emailed bulb 7 weeks ago regarding how to make a payment and I am yet to receive a reply, instead my details have been forwarded to a debt collection company!

The payment in question relates to a bill for the interim between me moving into a property and my provider taking over the supply, I have a bill from Bulb for this period, which is fine, however… The letter tells me to make a payment online via the website, unfortunately this isn’t possible, there is no option to make a payment using the reference number on the letter and I don’t have a user account to sign into because I’m not a customer.

Payment over the phone is probably possible but Bulbs phone line opening hours are pretty limited, I’m at work before they’re open and finish after they close and do not have use of a phone whist I’m at work.

All of this was explained in an email I sent Bulb some 7 weeks ago but I have received no reply! Cheque, bank transfer, an online account created for me…I’m really not that picky and have no issue paying but some 2 way communication is required here…