Waiting for a Meter fix

I have a faulty meter, first contacted BULB 31/8/21 still not fixed

I spoke to someone on the phone on Friday 10/9/21 (Sorry did not catch his name) said he would email me but he did not, also so said he would pass this case to the Smart Meter Team to re-configure the meter. Nothing has happened as yet.

What is happening

Hi @stuart0742

I have just checked your account and it looks like Humraj sent you an email on 10th September, would you be able to check your spam folder please? Sometimes they do have a way of hiding in there :mailbox_closed:

It looks like your case was escalated to our smart team who are currently looking into the situation for you. I have asked Humraj to update you today.

Please let me know if you can’t find the email and I can ensure that gets sent again.

– Robyn :bulb:

I have checked my Spam Folder and the email is not hiding there.

@stuart0742 - the subject line of the email is ‘Your complaint with Bulb’ can you try searching that in your inbox?

Humraj raised the issue with our smart team to investigate, we’ll let him know you’re looking for an update and get him to send you over an email with what the next steps are anyway :blush:

The only email I received from Bulb on the 10/9/21 was a Customer Satisfaction Survey about my complaint, which is a little ironic :slight_smile:

I suspect this may end up as a complaint as I am loosing patience with this process of you guys asking other people to update me and the do not.

@stuart0742 - I can see Humraj has just sent another email through to you about this, if you get back to him we can go from there :blush:

I have received this latest email

@stuart0742 We’re emailing the address attached to your Bulb Account- are you sure this is the one you’re checking?

Well Yes, I have received Humraj’s email from today but not from last Friday. This whole thing is dragging on