Waiting on smart meters


Our house and its electricity and gas meters are about 20 years old now. The electricity meter in particular often makes a vibrating/grinding noise which can’t be right. I’ve spoken to a customer adviser on the phone about getting smart meters installed, which was previously batted back since the gas meter is semi-buried. I’ve also poked the app a few times, but nothing has happened.

I’m keen to make an assessment regarding solar panels and I can’t do that without accurate data.


Hi @bagospanners :wave: thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the community :partying_face:

Unfortunately we cannot install smart meters if your meter is semi-concealed. We do not have the engineers for this at the moment. If you do need smart meters fitted for export payments I would recommend trying to switch away to a provider that could install smart for semi-concealed.


Jenny :star:

Can I get just the grinding/noisy electricity meter replaced with a smart meter?