WAKE UP CALL! - Smart Meters

Smart Meters at present are simply not fit for purpose and are broken more often then they work. The time to get them fixed is excessive and fails to comply with the Consumer rights act which says repairs must be carried in a timely manner. They also get one chance at a repair, If it fails again you can request they take the Smart Meter away. There should be no charge for this neither. They may try to fob you off saying it is not their problem. It is though. Your contract is with Bulb

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Hi @Ken2,

I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had a poor experience regarding your smart meter and we understand the frustration that comes with the fixes available to us at this moment in time.

If the meter is not effectively communicating with ourselves, usually the issue lies with the DCC, the third party which runs the network which sends us the meter readings. We will attempt a comms hub reboot to get this connection restarted, and get informed by the DCC if this has been successful or not.

If this is unsuccessful and the meter is not able to send us the readings, we’ll request that until a fix is available, meter readings are sent to us manually by the member. We appreciate that this is disappointing, but updates are being worked on to ensure that the problems experienced are resolved, so removing the smart meter itself is not the solution to this. The meter itself will still accurately record your usage, and as long as we have monthly readings submitted, your bill will reflect this.

If you wish for a smart meter to be removed, the set cost of this is £350. You can read more on the charges for meter removal here: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360028024111-Getting-your-meter-changed-removed-or-tested

I’ve removed some of your other comments regarding this on other threads as it’s better this is addressed in one place and we can keep one active conversation regarding this if you wish to discuss further.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Since moving to Bulb, my electricity Smart meter has stopped communicating with the network. I moved to be on E& from a single rate tariff with my previous supplier. Bulb have been unable to update to tariff information on my meter and In House Display, which has also now given up the ghost.

When contacting Bulb they have given me misleading information, i.e. ‘yes we are receiving half hourly readings from your meter’, than another agent admitting that they weren’t. They have also offered non sensical solutions, i.e. ‘change your meter reading preference to once a day and it will start sending readings in a couple of days’, and the latest, ‘I have since performed a reboot for your electricity meter which will take around 6 weeks and all this does is essentially kickstart the connectivity so that readings are sent to us automatically’. Six weeks?

The worst of it is, they said that my bills would be based on the E7 tariff, which they are, ALL my electricity is charged at the Peak Rate.

The next step is the regulator.

I see you are having problems of being told one thing and then another. I am having problems getting the truth from Bulb. I hate the smart meter which hasn’t been working since they took over. I do not know what rate I am on except it seems to be very expensive. I have received a massive back bill after all the estimates.

@barry1 hiya! welcome to community.

I’ve had a look into your account and we are receiving smart meter readings from your gas meter but not yet your elec. According to the national database your meter is a 2 rate meter so we have switched it as such, and you’re on a 2 rate agreement with us meaning there is a night rate and day rate. It looks like we have an estimate of 0 use on the night rate which means you’ve only been charged for day use- can you check the reading and submit a manual one to the account?

We try and update readings to half hourly to see if we can kickstart the connection, if that doesn’t work a comms hub reboot can be requested via the DCC. It can take 2-6 weeks as we have to wait on this third party (they run the smart network). In the meantime though you can submit manual readings to your account and keep your bills accurate :blush:

I can see my colleague is helping you out by email so pop her a reply if you’d like an update on the reboot!

@Elphaborough Your smart meter is a first generation smart meter which we connected to recently but the bill you received isn’t a back bill- I’ve replied to you on your other thread and sent you an email to go from there. :blush:

The meters were installed and the installer reckoned that there was a gas leak and “capped the supply” OK… SAFETY FIRST… BUT…
Called out a Corgi registered engineer to find leak and after getting a bill for the privilege of being told no leak.
Here we are and last statement I’ve had from Bulb was on the 21st of April. Throw in that bulb have been quick to increase the price and increased our monthly amount by £31.
So rant over… But… Don’t get a smart meter and don’t use Bulb…

I am now wishing I never had one installed

Hi @Boxerdugz :wave:

We’re sorry to put prices up for the second time this year, at a time that we know is difficult for lots of our members. Wholesale prices - those that energy firms pay for gas and electric - have surged to their highest levels since 2018 due to post-lockdown demand.

I’ve just sent you an email to get some further information on the meter exchange. I’ll then sort any billing issues and get a new statement sent out. I’m sorry for the delay with this.

Cara :bulb:

Hi @Wonderwoman24 :wave:

Sorry to hear you’re not having a positive experience with the smart meter. I can see it is sending us regular readings, but if you have any questions, please let us know.

Cara :bulb:

I regret getting a smart meter fitted. They sent an engineer to fit it in the communal cupboard of my building but I’ve still not got the display in my flat? Do they send that separately? Bulb are now pestering me for a meter reading :man_shrugging:t2:

@cara_at_bulb hi cara can you see my meter readings?

Hey @j-a-c-k99 :wave:

Looks like we’re missing some details about your meter- I’ve sent you an email to get these from you and we can sort it out.

– H :bulb:

I went from key prepay meters to the extremely conveneient smart prepay+ about a year before joining bulb and that was a bigger shock than I expected it to be, still unsure how was like being powerless to do anything but watching the smartmerer [expletive] my wallet and someone elses flatbeong powed too ith the credit felt like it was definitely running out faster in the combined unit. I wanted thobpld ones back. I knew what could stretch out until payday and £5 could be stretched a week and last resort of emergency credit when desperate of sparingly using energy. Smart meters however took away the option of where the funds went on topups and ran out of credit well before I expected 4 days before pay and best part was yet to come reluctantly activating emergency credit found out I didn’t have the £5 to keep the last 4 days powered. Thus supplier gave 24hours emergency credit instead and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how the new convene of smart meters worked to make that 24hours of electricity last for 4 days.

I absolutely agree. To many failed smart meter post on the forum.I can basically guess my bill by my readings and i just dont want one anymore than i want double glazing.