WAN Light Flashing Rapidly on Comms Hub


For the last 2 to 3 months, I have noticed that the WAN light is flashing rapidly on my comms hub. Also, no meter readings are being automatically sent to Bulb. Also the tariff being shown on my IHD and in the smart meter does not match what I am being charged. I suspect this is down to a number of factors.

No connectivity between the Comms Hub and DCC. Who sorts this?
Bulb going into administration

I have had the stock answer that the comms hub needs to be re-booted, but without connectivity, how can this happen. Can anyone help?

Hi @thomas.stirling :wave:

You’re absolutely right, from looking at your account, it seems that the comms hub has lost connection to the DCC, which is why we are not able to pull smart readings through. This can happen from time to time with smart meters, but it wouldn’t be related to Bulb entering Special Administration, as we are still operating as normal for the time being.

The fix here, as you mentioned, would be for us to perform a comms hub reboot. I can see that we have tried that for you in August, however that attempt failed, so we have put in another request for you, meaning we will be trying another reboot in the next few weeks.

You mentioned that the meter and IHD are showing a different tariff to the one on your bill. Could it be that the figure on the smart meter/IHD isn’t including the VAT that is included on the bill? Or is the figure shown completely different?

-Luke :bulb:

Luke, firstly thanks for the prompt response. The rate displayed on my IHD effectively comes from the meter. I managed to get the rate directly from the meter by pressing the ‘A’ button a few times and this ties up with what is shown on the IHD, so I know the communications between the meter and IHD are good. The problem stems from when the energy rate increased at the end of last year. The rate increase has not been uploaded to the meter, presumably from the DCC, and as a result, appears incorrect on the IHD and gives an underestimate of the amount I am spending. That underestimate is around 10%. As far as bub is concerned, they don’t really care because all they are interested id the kWh consumption. They take the consumption, multiply it by the rate, add VAT etc and come up with the resulting bill. This issue is nothing to do with taking VAT into account. So at present the rate of electricity on my IHD and in the meter is 18.72p/kWh and a standing charge of 23.59p/day. My bill is calculated at 20.67p/kWh and a standing charge of 24.1p/day.

Hey @thomas.stirling

If the rate shown on the IHD is the previous tariff rate from before October, then as you suggested, it will be because we haven’t been able to load the new tariff details onto the IHD due to the lack of connection with the DCC.

If the comms hub reboot that is currently pending is successful, then you should see that tariff rate updated straight away. We will drop an email through for you as soon as our team have managed to get that reboot requested.

-Luke :bulb:

Any update on this. WAN light still flashing rapidly on comms hub and rate on IHD still incorrect.

Hey @thomas.stirling We still do not have a response from DCC on this request yet. Sorry its taking a bit longer than usual, that would be why your IHD is still incorrect, we would hopefully have this resolved in the next month for you.

–Carl :bulb:n

Hi Carl, I think the fundamental problem is that the comms hub has lost connectivity with the DCC, hence the rapid flashing WAN light. I’m not sure how a remote reboot request is going to happen without this connectivity. Does this not need a site visit to resolve? Or is there some generic issue with comms hub connectivity to the DCC across the Bulb user community. There are may posts and threads on this

Hey @thomas.stirling

A visit from an engineer would not resolve the issue. It is a remote connectivity issue which we are investigating with the DCC.

We are just waiting to hear back after the communications hub reboot was requested.

– Robyn :bulb:

So here’s my latest observations. On 26th March, my communications hub started talking to the DCC and was recording readings every 30 mins. WAN light was flashing slowly indicating all was good. This continued until the early hours of this morning when WAN connectivity was dropped and the WAN light resumed its rapid flashing. However, I have noted that the new tarrifs have been sent to the meter and as a result these have been reflected in my IHD. Kind of looks like the WAN connectivity is dropped and restored in more of a planned way at significant points, i.e. tarriff increases. Looks like its back to submitting manual readings if I can, on a monthly basis.

So yesterday, 3rd April my WAN connectivity was restored. All lights flashing slowly again and readings being submitted every 30 mins.