Want changing from economy 7 and been told.i cant

I went onto the smart meters and i didnt no i was on economy 7 so i did email and asked to change to 1 but they said no they cant change it but after looking on this forum i see that it is possible so why are they telling me its not and its costing me a fortune and i feel that if this carries on i will be in so much debt

Economy 7 provides a much lower unit rate overnight. How is it costing you a fortune? Can you not set any dishwashers, washing machines, etc to run during the cheaper period? The day rate for Economy 7 is a little higher. Is this what you mean?

I am in bed over night because I have to go to work so it does not benefit me I use them in the day so I want to change to normal instead of economy 7

Fair enough. Even though I’m sleeping too, I set mine to run overnight. Massive savings!!

I just want to go on a normal tariff I never do things at night im not saving anything because I do it in the day so it’s pointless

Do you have electric storage heaters? I wanted to change to a single tariff but couldn’t because of this. Otherwise can’t see why this isn’t possible. Hopefully someone from bulb will answer your question.

You don’t have to have a dual tariff if you’ve got storage heaters. It’s your choice if you want to be charged more for their use. If Bulb say you can’t change because of that, they’re wrong!!

I have a comby boiler and radiators I just want to change it else I will go to another company its that simple aint it and its my choice to change it

I have been asking for months and they say they can’t do it they said I got to go on a waiting list thats what I dont understand surely its not that hard to change from economy 7 to 1

They can get it changed but if the meter was installed by another company and it is a first generation meter it takes a bit more work on their behalf but i had mine changed with one phone call.

I have been asking since December to change to the single rate tariff and like you am on a ‘waiting list’. When I asked how long it would take, they didn’t know!
Just one of numerous problems since joining Bulb last year.

Yh same here is it that hard to change surely not I am looking at other company’s and they have said I don’t have to be on economy 7 they will do normal rate so am realy changing had enough

Bulb put me new meters in so I can’t understand what the problem is because they are smart meters that u have got from bulb

Hey @Jackopaul Thanks for your post and sorry for the wait here, we are also sorry you have had issues with your tariff. I am just checking with our smart team regarding your switching request.

Once I hear back from them, I will drop you an email confirming next steps.

–Carl :bulb:

Can somebody explain to me about my top I keep putting the codes in but it as failed to top up it as done it a few times so you owe me money and if you check I think its 3 times its failed can you sort this out please