Want rid of smart meters

Do Bulb provide a service to remove smart meters?

We had ours installed by OVO but our costs rocketed despite us having providing meter readings regularly.

Hi @iain3017! Sorry to hear about the meter trouble. We do provide a meter exchange service, but it comes with a charge. If you give us a call on 0300 30 30 635 we can discuss this more on the phone - it may be the case that it’s a faulty meter too, if the reads you’re getting are wildly out from what you expect. Thanks!


Just FYI, I’ve recently had my old “dumb”/dial meter swapped for an E7 meter through bulb (~£90), and it is a smart meter (I wasn’t expecting or wanting it to be) with a working O2 sim card in there (an Indian call centre remotely made the change from a single tariff to E7)…apparently “someone” collects the meter usage from this, no idea who though since it isn’t Bulb?

The model is EDMI Atlas Mk7C,

Hi @phproxy - most meters being installed across the UK have smart capabilities, but they need to be configured by an engineer in order to take and send remote readings.

Every energy supplier works with several third parties. For example, data collectors (who exchange important information between suppliers), or Electricity Meter Operators (who deal with electricity metering services).

All these third parties talk to each other, or via each other, and also send information to what is sometimes loosely referred to as ‘the industry’ - more specifically, ‘the industry’ refers to databases (ECOES for electricity and Xoserve for gas) that hold a lot of information about a particular supply point.

So in your case, whilst the meter is technically a smart one, it has not been configured by the engineer to send remote readings to Bulb, but our Electricity Meter Operator company can access that data, who can send it to the industry to gather useful data about how much gas and electricity you consume across a year, to make estimated readings more accurate for when you can’t provide readings yourself.

Hope that clears things up a little :slight_smile: